Cheshire Shakeshaft Ltd

Construction Services

Sectors and Experience


Within the company is experience in both procurement and delivery of Primary and Acute care facilities, including a number of major PFI projects.  Procurement routes have included Procure 21, Design and Construction, PFI and traditional routes.


The growth of further and higher education facilities over recent years has been dramatic.  Within the business lies a significant amount of expertise in both the pre-construction development and site delivery of these facilities.  There have been major developments at the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge Nottingham, Birmingham and UCE which have lead to a significant knowledge base within CSL of this sector .  Particular experience is of the Laboratory and technical education buildings.


Inner City residential development has been a key part of the construction industry for a number of years now.  As developments become more sophisticated developers are looking for efficiencies in design and construction to keep development costs down.  The company has developed certain strategies to help this process and these strategies can also be used in student accommodation and hotels.  A close understanding of the development appraisal is critical to a successful project and careful attention to detail in essential to avoid the risk of problematic defects in the future,


Stadia, Arena, Exhibition Halls, Conference venues, Sports facilities, Ice, museums.

These facilities are examples of the background of the people in the organization.  Pricing, planning development or construction.  The company can provide real hands on experience of these projects .


Offices or retail, the people have significant commercial project experience under their belts with specific experience in the fit-out of commercial premises.